The Company Democracy model is the technology and the methodology of creating business data, information and knowledge that contributes to the development of insights, ideas, innovations, which in turn create competitive advantages necessary to achieve extroversion and modern entrepreneurship. It is a model for managing and leading innovation work inside a company so that both individual as well as collective views to the activity come aware of each participant. The model with its concepts is based on its capability to recognize the data, information and knowledge that exists within a company. The data, information and knowledge transformations are converted into business processes, their integration in the operations and productions of the company, and most of all, the utilization of the knowledge produced by the company itself as its own core innovation engine.

The Company Democracy model is a coupling of administrative practices and technologies (strategic management, knowledge, innovation, human resources, technology, production, leadership, processes, etc.), through a people-centered framework (human focus) of freedom of expression, that enables the production of knowledge as the raw material for personal and organizational development and growth. It leads first from individual level to collective organizational level. The role of members through the model is more learning, team working, participating as well as expression of new ideas, insights and innovations. It is a systemic way of activating individuals to the most important activity inside the company. The nature of the model follows the principles of democratic company behavior.

The Company Democracy Model integrate on its adaptation and operations the Evolute technologies per case and goal.

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