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Evolute LLC presents a new paradigm and practice to facilitate the process of achieving excellence in management and leadership of corporate resources, allowing faster learning and development of business organizations. We provide an approach and a system that support cost-effective and productive target development of corporate resources.

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The Evolute system

The Evolute system allows for discovering and managing the organizational sense of identity and purpose that exists inside each corporation and among the stakeholders. With the help of Evolute system, it is also possible to assess the organizational sense of purpose exhibited by the employees. The visualized organizational sense can be used for targeted management and leadership of corporate resources, saving time, money and resources, according to a modular process.


Target development of corporate resources

Modular process that involves stakeholders, conceptual models and the Evolute system.

Fast data collection and analyses of complex objects

Environment to do research on complex objects with Evolute tools.

Environment to build research instruments for complex objects

Environment to develop tools to do research on complex objects.

The Evolute system

The system which provides comprehensive view to an organization's resources.


REST interface for integration to an organization's own IT environment.

Business development

Development of business with Evolute methodology, process and the system including consulting and workshops.

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We are acting in multiple industries and providing comprehensive targeted resource development. Here we have presented some of our recent customer cases.

Vatajankosken Sähkö Oy

Development of safety competencies (Serpentine)

University of Girona

Master students continuous competence improvement (Cycloid and Tricuspoid)


Comprehensive usage of Evolute system for research and applied solutions

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