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Evolute LLC presents a new paradigm and practise to facilitate the process of achieving excellence in management of corporate resources allowing faster learning and development of business organizations.

Evolute LLC provides the Evolute system that allows for discovering and managing the organizational sense of identity and purpose that exists inside each corporation and among the stakeholders. With the help of Evolute system, it is also possible to assess the organizational sense of purpose exhibited by the employees. The visualized organizational sense can be used for targeted management of corporate resources, saving time and money, according to a modular process.

Evolute LLC utilizes the proprietary technology based on soft computing delivered over the Internet that allows for active domain research in organizations.

Evolute LLC provides services in the following areas: Target development of corporate resources, modular process including the use of Evolute system and workshops, Coaching and mentoring during the process, Follow-up of the progress during the process, and Support for entrepreneurs.

Academic research is often fragmented and therefore it may be difficult to find co-workers inside own university. Evolute Research Academy tries to help researchers to collaborate with each other and businesses by providing new leadership and management frameworks, constructs, concepts, variables and methods and to support new possibilities to finance academic research, to help universities to finance their own research more with external money, and boost students’ efforts in starting up their own businesses.

We can make more together by combining our forces through Evolute Research Center -networks. New ties, bonds, co-operation and co-evolution are needed to bridge the gap between Academia and Business. Evolute Research Academy tries to encourage mutual understanding, synergy and long-lasting achievement between business and academia. We believe that if the academic world and the business world worked more closely to each other, then companies would be more willing to finance academic research and student entrepreneurship.
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